Ageless beauty


Here are some top tips on how to develop a beauty routine 
that cultivates ageless beauty, MiNDFOOD reports.

Beauty is all about looking and feeling great. This depends in part on taking care of your body, which means drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, using sunscreen and getting plenty of exercise. As well as this, your daily beauty routine should begin with good skincare. Pamper your skin and experiment with rich, hydrating moisturisers.

Using moisturisers can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Tinted balms and moisture-rich foundations help soften lines and wrinkles without settling into them. Skin loses elasticity over time. Using a cream with retinoids that stimulates collagen production helps give skin a firmer look. Smooth skin is prettier than too-tight skin.

To combat crepey eyes, make sure you moisturise at night, and stick to formulas that are not too dry. It is common for under-eye darkness to deepen with age. Use a rich under-eye cream overnight and a lighter cream during the day to hydrate and smooth the area. Use a pink or peach-toned corrector followed by a yellow-toned concealer and foundation and lighten the upper lid with a light eye shadow. Eye contour gives droopy eyelids a lift – the contour shadow needs to look blended and natural. Eyeliner is great for bringing the eyes out and making them look awake.

When choosing a foundation, match it exactly to your skin tone. If your skin is developing a ruddy appearance, avoid strong facial scrubs, which can aggravate the problem. Yellow-toned foundation or a tinted moisturiser will tone down ruddy skin and rosacea, and bronzer helps counteract redness as well. Rosacea can also be treated topically; ask your doctor.

Brown spots can be covered with a light pink or peach corrector and yellow-toned foundation set with powder or they can be removed with laser resurfacing performed by a dermatologist.

Sometimes adding a gel bronzer (or fake tan) gives 
a nice boost and lends your 
skin a healthy look. Don’t 
be afraid to experiment with colour. It will make you look fresh and pretty.


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