When famous lips go wrong

By Dr Sarah Hart

Achieve natural-looking full lips by avoiding the trout pout, frog mouth and monkey muzzle, MiNDFOOD reports.

As a cosmetic doctor, I believe it’s a travesty to unflatteringly alter a celebrity’s very famous mouth and leave it uncorrected.

There are basic rules about proportion, balance and harmony you can follow to prevent such a disaster. I use these rules on my own patients, ensuring any changes I make to their faces will enhance and not detract from their beauty. 

Lips look most natural when they follow the golden ratio of 1:1.6. This ratio is present in nature and architecture, such as in seashells and Greek buildings, respectively. This means the bottom lip should be about one and a half times bigger than the top lip. When the top lip is bigger than the bottom lip the mouth gives the impression of a trout pout.

Your mouth should be as wide as a line running down from the inner margin of the iris (the coloured part in the middle of the eye). As we age the mouth folds in at the corners, and usually I need to widen it out again to beautify it. But if I made a patient’s mouth too wide it would look a little frog-like. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule, including Julia Roberts and musician Gin Wigmore. Both these stunning ladies have naturally wide mouths. It’s an arresting look, but if I create a wide mouth where there wasn’t one before it tends to look unusual. 

Another area to be careful with is above the top lip. This area is naturally slightly concave. When too much filler is injected to plump out vertical lines the area may bulge, causing the dreaded monkey muzzle. This looks plain unattractive. Nicole Kidman’s lips are heading this way. It’s better to use less filler and accept you won’t be completely line free. If I restore the border of the lips with a thin thread of filler to stop lipstick bleeding up the lines, retaining a few lines above the lip tends to bother patients less.

By avoiding the trout pout, frog mouth and monkey muzzle you’ll be the proud owner of a beautifully natural pair of lips.



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