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Waterfall dress wows

New Zealand designer Jojo Ross has designed a dress that holds a water feature and allows water to gently cascade from the neck before disappearing inside.

Who needs jewellery when you can have water feature cascading from your throat?

Jojo Ross’s “waterfall” dress had fashionistas fascinated at New Zealand Fashion Week this week.

White, minimal and beautifully hypnotic, the dress was loosely based on the idea of the ephemeral said Ross. “The idea that there is nothing more than the beauty of that particular moment,” she said. “It’s like seeing a sunset. The moment lasts so briefly but it’s forever burned into your memory. It’s about creating this presence where the time you spend watching it is the design.”

Waterfall dress final

In May this year Ross, 25, presented her first prototype of the dress in Vicenza, Italy where she was one of 100 designers from Not Just A Label (NJAL) to showcase their work as part of the Origin Passion & Beliefs exhibition.

Since that time she has been hard at work perfecting the design which contains a hidden water reservoir and pump. The dress itself, an architecturally inspired structure of sheer window panels and heavily fused facades.

It was one of seven style installations that were part of boundary-pushing event, Underground, held at Silo Park which enabled participating designers to show their work in an alternative context to that of a traditional runway show setting.

Waterfall full length

Ross, whose conceptual work has previously been featured in Vogue Italia, plans to launch her own label in November.