Watch the trailer for Military Wives

Inspired by a true-life global phenomenon, Military Wives portrays ordinary women in unbelievably testing circumstances. The Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo recruits A-listers Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan to lead this inspiring drama about the bravery of the women of war, and the power of the music that saved them.

The life of a military wife can be thankless. Kate (Scott Thomas), the stoic wife of an officer, persuades a ragtag group of women to form the Military Wives Choir to help them cope with suffering and sacrifice. As friendships flourish, even the sceptical rebel and rocker Lisa (Horgan), is transformed by the choir’s friendship, humour and courage. Finding their voice together, Kate, Lisa and the choir put two fingers up to convention and their own personal differences. The luminous cast belts out pop hits and rock anthems, empowering everyone to overcome their fears together.

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