Rosamund Pike stars in new trailer for Marie Curie biopic

Rosamund Pike will be playing revolutionary scientist Marie Curie in her new film Radioactive. The film, set in the late nineteenth century, follows Curie as she makes a scientific breakthrough that would change the world forever.

Curie, along with her scientific partner Pierre (played by Sam Riley), won the Nobel Prize for her pioneering research on radioactivity – becoming the first woman to win the prize. The film follows her journey as she makes new discoveries and pushes the boundaries in the male-dominated scientific world.

The Oscar-nominated actress, best known for her role in Gone Girl, says she was attracted to the determined spirit of Curie. “Marie Curie was an astonishing person. I love her because she didn’t need to be liked…She had one of the finest minds in the country and she wasn’t afraid to say it.”

The film hits cinemas on March 24 in New Zealand and June 11 in Australia.

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