Prince William says “endangered species worth more than gold”

Prince William speaks at the World Bank in Washington and says some endangered species "literally worth more than their weight in gold."

Prince William attended a conference on illegal trafficking of ivory and other wildlife at the World Bank. His charity “United for Wildlife” is combating the ivory market and illegal wildlife trade

He noted that “according to INTERPOL, recent seizures of illegal wildlife products are the largest ever seen. In 2011, the 17 largest seizures by customs officials netted a staggering 27,000 kilograms of ivory – equivalent to the tusks of at least 3,000 elephants.”

“Some endangered species are now literally worth more than their weight in gold,” he added.

The visit is part of a trip which includes New York City by William and his wife, Kate, known officially since their 2011 wedding as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Kate, who is pregnant with their second child, remained in New York and was not present for William’s meeting with President Barack Obama at the Oval Office, Monday.

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