‘Portrait of the Queen’ documentary looks at Queen Elizabeth II through photographers

The new documentary takes a look at the life of the late monarch through the eyes of the world's greatest photographers. 

Throughout her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II sat for many portraits, with some of the world’s best photographers capturing the image of Her Majesty.

Portrait of the Queen is a new documentary that looks at the “moving, enthralling and controversial” reign of Queen Elizabeth II through the many images captured by photographers.

“Each portrait presented in this film, each conversation with the photographers involved in the project, all the accounts of experiences shared by actresses, designers, and British subjects, fit carefully and intricately into the screenplay like pieces of a mosaic that capture some of the multifaceted aspects of the Queen’s image, all different but connected, all equally powerful and significant.”

The documentary features contributions from Emma Blau, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Isabella Rossellini, Susan Sarandon and the Queen’s photographers Brian Aris, Jason Bell, Julian Calder, Chris Levine, David Montgomery, John Swannell.

Portrait of the Queen comes out in Australian cinemas on 18 March.

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