Paul Reiser’s return to Mad About You ‘wildly fun and oddly comfortable’

Mad About You co-creator and star Paul Reiser says making the reboot of the hit sitcom has been “wildly fun and oddly comfortable”.

Reiser told MiNDFOOD it felt as though he had never left the set.

“We kept expecting it to feel odd and for it to be awkward, like riding a bike badly,” he said.

“But we just really hit the ground running and it felt like we had been gone maybe a weekend.”

The 63-year-old said despite reluctance over the years, the more he was asked whether there would be a reboot, the more he thought it could be a good idea.

“We realised that at this moment in [Paul and Jamie’s] lives, as their child is leaving the home, it very much paralleled the original series which started with we’re married and we’re alone together, it’s just the two of us,” he explains.

“So we thought it was a very rich story point to start from.”

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