Helen Hunt talks evolving attitudes and a changing TV landscape

Mad About You star Helen Hunt has spoken to MiNDFOOD about how working in the film and television industry feels in the era of #MeToo, saying she is glad that things are “changing”.

“I don’t know how to quantify how it’s changing, but I think if something happens to a vulnerable person on a set now there is a sense that there is an army of people behind them who aren’t going to be okay with that,” she said.

“That’s not for everybody, some people still get away with bad behaviour and some people are still victimised by it, but it’s no longer completely in the shadows so that’s real progress.”

Hunt also discussed the changing TV landscape, saying it’s great that streaming services are providing “more good material”.

“It’s pretty great both as someone who wants to be employed and as a fan that there’s so much good work out there.”

Hunt is set to star in the reboot of hit sitcom Mad About You, something she says has been in the works for years.

“We went from ‘no we would never do it’, to ‘I guess we’ll do it’, to ‘please let us do it’, to ‘oh my God we get to do it’,” she explains.

“We’d poured our hearts into every detail so it was really fun.”

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