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Glamour, rivalry and ambition: ‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ explores the rise of a fashion icon

'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld' premieres on Disney+ on 7 June.

A new series exploring the life of Karl Lagerfeld will soon arrive on our screens.

Starring Daniel Brühl, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld examines how the designer ascended from obscurity to become a legend of the fashion industry.

The story begins with a 38-year-old Karl Largerfeld (Brühl) in 1972, before he adopted his iconic hairstyle.

He is a ready-to-wear designer, unknown to the general public. His encounter with the young Jacques de Bascher, an ambitious and seductive dandy, changes everything.

Lagerfeld dares to take on his friend (and rival) Yves Saint Laurent (Arnaud Valois), a genius of haute couture backed by the redoubtable businessman Pierre Bergé (Alex Lutz).

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld plunges the audience into the heart of the 70s, in Paris, Monaco and Rome, to follow the blossoming of this complex and iconic personality of Parisian couture, already driven by the ambition to become the Emperor of fashion.

Between glamour and clashes of egos, grandiose parties and destructive passions,the story of Karl before Lagerfeld unfolds.

‘Becoming Karl Lagerfeld’ premieres on Disney+ on 7 June.