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Robert De Niro outlines the challenges of acting for The Irishman

Legendary actor Robert De Niro has outlined the unusual acting challenges presented by de-ageing technology in Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster epic The Irishman.

With the film’s plot spanning 50 years, digital de-ageing effects were used to transform the actors during the various stages of their characters’ lives.

De Niro revealed the cast had a movement coach to remind them to use their physicality in a way that was appropriate for the age they were acting.

He would tap us on the back if we were slouching too much,” he said.

“There’s some subtle thing, that even then as much as we tried to stay within the age range that we’re supposed to be, things creep through.

“You try your best.”

De Niro said because of the de-ageing, or what Scorsese called “the youthification”, The Irishman was “one of the most ambitious” projects he has ever been involved with.

“It was a mosaic putting all these different time periods together, doing the de-ageing digitally,” said De Niro.

“Saying that they were going to make it the best it had ever been was exciting to us.”

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