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By Milly Nolan

MiNDFOOD's Beauty Editor on UltraContour Body Sculpting, dubbed "liposuction without knives".


UltraContour Body Sculpting Machine

Pitched as “liposuction without the knives”, it was difficult not to be curious about this new, non- invasive technology that promised to remove fat and cellulite from any part of the body with comparable results.

New to Australia and New Zealand, Ultracontour technology uses highly focused ultrasound to dissolve unwanted fat cells, which leave the body via the lymphatic system. Unlike liposuction, which involves highly invasive surgery and the discomfort of the healing process, Ultracontour is a fast and painless way to achieve a better body shape and to completely eliminate cellulite. This treatment is, however, not designed for weight reduction.

Available at the clinic of plastic surgeon, Dr Gregory Taylor in Auckland, says “I have been brought up to believe that knives, surgery and discomfort were the only way to achieve tangible results relating to the reduction of body mass, so you can imagine my disbelief on the discovery that Ultracontour provides comparable results to liposuction. In simplistic terms the non-invasive ultrasound essentially disrupts or melts way the unwanted fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.”

The most common or desired areas to be treated are the abdomen, waist-sides, buttocks and thighs. Being a natural pear-shape myself (bigger on the bottom than the top), I chose to target the back of and the side of my thighs, which are very stubborn when it comes to shifting excess fat, despite a good diet and regular exercise. While I don’t have too much cellulite in this area (touch wood) I was curious to see how the not-so-taut skin would look after the treatment.

The treatment includes two phases, which together take just over an hour to complete. While the treatment itself is completely pain-free, the worst part of the whole experience was having to stand naked bar a skimpy, paper g-string against a white back-drop while I was weighed, my thighs measured at three points and then photographed from every angle for the “before treatment” evidence. After each treatment session I was re-measured, re-weighed and then with the final treatment I had to endure the same embarrassment while the “after treatment” images were taken, except this time, I was happy to view the outcome.

The first phase of the treatment resembles a regular ultrasound examination where an experienced nurse moves an ultrasound “mouse” around the problematic part of the body which is smeared with a (icy cold) conductive gel. The mouse radiates ultrasound impulses, which break down the fatty cells. The only discomfort during this phase is the cold gel, other than that, the whole treatment is devoid of any feeling or any noise (apart from the therapists chatter). In fact, I almost wanted the machine to make some sort of indicative noise as it broke down my fatty cells, melting them away forever, never to return again. Perhaps a zapping sound would be appropriate? Or, a sizzling noise? But no such luck, silence was all I got.

During the second phase, ultrasound probes are attached onto the area treated, providing ultrasound drainage massage. This helps break down the fat routed through the lymphatic system and removed from the body in a natural way. While you wait for the machine to work its wonders, you can opt for a facial or a massage to wile the time away.

Although the fat cells are diminished permanently, you need to be committed to the treatment by partaking in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Overindulging in bad food will only create new fat cells. After the treatment you should consume 2-3 litres of water to help drain the fat and limit alcohol and fatty foods. Two days after the treatment, do some form of physical activity.

Most people need between three to six repetitions in 4-10 day intervals. This will be discussed in the initial consultation.


Strangely I saw the best results after my first treatment in which I instantly lost 1kg and 0.5 cm off three points on both thighs. While this measurement doesn’t seem like much, it is a lot considering all I had to do was lie down on a table for an hour! After the final treatment, I weighed the same as I had initially but had lost a total of 1cm off the three targeted points on my thighs. While I was happy with that, what really impressed me was that my skin was much smoother, taut and less wobbly. With such remarkable results, I would have loved to see what a full course of treatments could have achieved.

Dr Gregory Taylor

126a Remuera Road


T +64 9 520 7082


Abdomen $3300

6 Treatments

Hip $3300

6 Treatments

Thigh Cellulite Treatment $3300

3 Treatments front

3 Treatments back

Cellulite Treatment & Saddle Bag reduction $4400

4 Treatments front

4 Treatments back

Thigh, Buttock & Cellulite Treatment & Saddle Bag reduction $5500

5 Treatments front

5 Treatments back


Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 28

Clinically proven to reverse signs of sun damage to the skin – both the ones you see and those that you don’t, Garnier’s new Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion is worth recognizing for its fast-working formula. The lotion is thick without being too heavy and has a pleasant, fresh fragrance. After a month of using the lotion on my face, neck and décolleté, I noticed my complexion was clearer and brighter, my freckles had faded and the fine lines weren’t as visible. Everything this lotion had promised, it delivered. Its SPF factor is another great benefit for year round use.

The “skin-nutrient complex” in the lotion contains four elements that work to correct existing signs of sun while protecting the skin from future harm.;

Vitamin C – powers surface cell renewal, reduces the appearance of fine lines lines and discolouration and evens skin tone.

Magnesium – energizes and hydrates the skin.

Lycopene – is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors such as smoke and pollution.

SPF 28 – provides future protection from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.


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