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Free Sudoku | Solve Daily Puzzles Online

Did you know? Sudoku isn’t actually a Japanese puzzles at all. It was invented by an American. Howard Garns created the free puzzle as Number Place in 1979 but died in 1989 before Japanese publisher Nikoli got a hold of it. The game didn’t really take off until 2004 though, when Wayne Gould convinced The Times in London to publish it. 

The name Sudoku comes from Japan and consists of the Japanese characters Su (meaning ‘number’) and Doku (meaning ‘single’) however, the famous puzzle apparently was not invented in Japan. Sudoku’s origins began in Switzerland, travelling to Japan by way of America.

To solve Sudoku puzzles regularly has many benefits, like boosting your concentration and focus, preventing or easing depression and possibly even preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, according to some studies. It is good for anyone and any age and helps develop mental abilities as well as keeps them in good condition. Sudoku is considered highly addictive, but since there aren’t any harmful side effects (and in fact a list of great side effects), go right ahead and get addicted!

How to play Sudoku

To solve online Sudoku, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in:

• Each of the nine vertical columns
• Each of the nine horizontal rows
• Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes

Click/Tap the pencil icon to toggle between the practice-number panel and the correct-numbers panel.

Click/Tap a square to highlight it then use the number panel to add/remove a number in that square. Alternatively, you can use your device keyboard.

In landscape view, the correct numbers panel is on the left and the practice number panel is on the right.

When you have correctly completed a line, column or a 3 x 3 box it will be highlighted and any practice numbers will disappear.

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