By Donna Duggan

A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into producing a fantastic magazine. Think we sit here filling our nails? Think again. Here is a guide to how we go from ideas to print.

It’s deadline week in the MiNDFOOD office which means the office is quiet except for some frantic typing. Caffeine is running through our veins as we compile another bumper issue. Michael McHugh has managed to find a team of perfectionists which means we all put a lot of blood (well there’s a lot of paper cuts going on), sweat and tears into producing each issue. But we are proud of what we do, and from your letters, you seem to be enjoying the issues too.

Think we just sit here filing our nails? Well here is how the process works.

First we discuss story ideas. These ideas come from a variety of sources; we have people pitch story ideas, we look at what’s going on in the world, and we discuss what we want to learn more about ourselves. We talk about interesting people we have met or heard about. Places we have been or want to go. Things we want to do and see.

Then we write a brief for the story, making sure we include all elements we want to see, read or watch. The brief then goes to a nominated writer, either someone in-house or freelance. Most writers have 2 to 4 weeks to write the story.

Photography is then commissioned or sourced. Again we use a range of sources from photo libraries to freelance photographers.

When the story is received, both the editor-in-chief and managing editor have a read and make sure all the commissioned elements are there and request any further information, or make any initial editorial changes.

Then the art director or senior designer use InDesign to create a layout.

Then it goes back to the editor in chief to make sure he is happy with how the layout is looking.

Then it goes to the sub editor who checks the facts, spelling and grammar, and make sure the copy reads well. They also write headlines, introductions and picture captions. Then it goes to another sub editor for proof reading.

Then it goes to the online producer who writes the weblink.

Then it goes back to the managing editor and editor in chief and writer for their sign-off and/or amendment.

Then any changes are made by the art and subbing team.

Then digital imaging fix any images that need work.

Then the editor in chief, managing editor and chief sub editor have a final read.

Then the files are prepared and sent by the chief sub editor for print.

And that’s just one story. Phew.

While the process is involved there’s nothing quite like getting that first copy hot off the press and seeing your hard work in your hands. Well for that brief moment until the next issue starts.


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