Bouncing back

Few of us get through life without facing trials and tribulations. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed but you can boost your resilience by changing the way you think about adversity.

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Tumeric boosts brain repair

A spice commonly found in curries mat boost the brain’s ability to heal itself, a German study has found.

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Experimental Ebola drug found to be 100 per cent effective

Clinical trials of an experimental drug to treat Ebola, prove 100 per cent effective in monkey studies.

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Botox the latest weapon in the fight against cancer

Botox injections may help in the fight against cancer, animal tests have shown.

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Young blood reverses signs of ageing in mice

A US study has shown that ‘young’ blood can help to combat and even reverse signs of ageing in mice.

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Ovarian cancer screening test developed

A new screening test for ovarian cancer could save the lives of thousands of women each year.

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Royal New Zealand Ballet Timeline

Take a look back at the trials and tribulations of the Royal New Zealand Ballet as it celebrates its 60th birthday this year.

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Olympic Faces

These are the hair-raising moments that have captured the worlds attention thus far during the emotion-packed London Olympic games.

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Nap time

According to recent 
studies and trials, a mid-afternoon nap not only increases employees’ happiness, but also their health and productivity, MiNDFOOD Podcasts Present.

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