It Takes a Village

For the 45,000 children in out-of-home care in Australia, foster carers provide a stable and secure environment. Turning a distressing situation into a growing experience for all is one of the challenges, and joys, of helping these children in need.

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Labour of Love

A story of generosity, hope and surrogacy.

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Celebrating Autism

Speaking the truth, being non-judgmental, being passionate and not getting caught up in social expectations are attributes most of us aspire to, but often struggle with. For those on the autism spectrum, it’s just how they are. We talk to four inspiring individuals for whom celebrating autism is an everyday practice.

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Keeping the faith

Hindu, Jewish, Salvation Army, Anglican, Muslim, Catholic and Buddhist – we find out from those of different faiths what religion means to them as adults, how it contributes to their life and why they feel inspired to nurture their beliefs.

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Living with high-functioning autism

What used to be known as Asperger’s syndrome now comes under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders. MiNDFOOD discovers how early diagnosis and understanding can mean those affected can lead full and happy lives.

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Second life

Want to make a change in 2014? MiNDFOOD speaks to eight readers who found the courage to throw in the corporate towel and make their passions a reality.

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Top 4 bizarre stories to kick off 2014

As you go marching back to the daily grind, take some refuge in these bizarre news stories that surfaced over the festive period.

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Brain Aneurysms: Life in the balance

Although rare, if left untreated cerebral aneurysms can be fatal. We look at one woman’s story of recovering from a ruptured aneurysm and find out what you need to know.

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Disabled father’s bucket list inspires daughter

A father and daughter who share the same rare genetic disease are inspiring each other through their own bucket lists.

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My Story: Kitty Ferguson

Kitty Ferguson was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer and lived to tell the tale. She talks to us about her journey and explains why, through promoting the importance of early detection, she hopes to help others beat the disease.

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Valentine’s Day Reader Stories: How We Met

Five MiNDFOOD romantics share their starry-eyed tales of how they met their loves ones, and win a special Valentine’s Day prize.

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My Story: Josie Gagliano

Being a carer is a non-stop job that leaves little time for anything else. Josie became a full time carer for her elderly mother after having her twins. She shares her story and practical advice for how she manages her daily task.

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Dan Englund, Running for Stroke Awareness

We catch up with Dan Englund, a stroke survivor, on the last leg of his 1000km run to raise awareness for stroke. He tells us the warning signs and what to watch out for when someone is having a stroke.

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MiNDFOOD Radio featuring Dr Leigh Hodder, John McRae and more

With Spring almost here, change is in the air. In this week’s show, Dr Leigh Hodder explains how the seasons affect our psyche, Angus Stewart helps us spruce up our gardens, we hear some inspiring stories, and more.

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What mothers really want… on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches we asked the MiNDFOOD team how they will be celebrating and spoiling their mums, what they would most like to receive from their adoring children, and the most memorable Mother’s Day moments they have endured over the years.

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