Uluru In View Photography Weekend: Day 2, Manta & Mayu (Country & Taste)

Day two of the inaugural Uluru in View Photography Weekend at the spiritual heart of Australia.

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Journey to the centre of the earth

I have recently returned from a long weekend spent at the centre of Australia: Uluru. Yet again, it was an […]

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Triangle of health

Our resident kineseologist, Terese Mudgeway, joins us to discuss the triangle of health – the three core components of what it means to be human – and explains why balancing these components is so important to our overall health.

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A Kumbh Mela Adventure

As I peer through the swirls of orange dust and debris, my lungs filling up with smoke and the unfamiliar smells of 100 million others; I feel both excited and a little bit in awe of the vast Kumbh Mela festival.

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Feng Shui Your Home for the New Year

Feng Shi practitioner and Chinese astrologer Mariko Fisher talks to us about what to expect in 2013: year of the snake.

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My Story: Vashti Whitfield

Vashti Whitfield turned the grief of losing her husband, actor Andy Whitfield, as well as her best friend to cancer, into a new life. The mother of two tells us of her spiritual journey to acceptance.

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Interview: Bev Aisbett

Author, illustrator and counsellor Bev Aisbett has sold over 500,000 copies of her books nationwide. She talks to us about her battle with anxiety and depression and gives us her tips for getting through the day.

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In search of spiritual healing

In Bali for the weekend, I took the opportunity to meet with Ketut Liyer and have my fortune told by the ‘medicine man’ made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling novel, ‘Eat Pray Love.’ MiNDFOOD reports.

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