Women play a role in reducing breast cancer risk

Women are mostly unaware of the role played by their health and wellbeing when it comes to warding off breast cancer, a Newspoll survey has found.

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Hunger games: The real cost of mass produced food

Food is becoming more and more mass-produced to satisfy growing populations and the drive for higher profits. But have we stopped to consider at what cost to our health?

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French woman provides breast-feeding service for gay couples

A French woman has caused quite a stir after posting an ad offering to breast-feed the babies of homosexual couples.

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Obesity-related health issues could skip a generation

Children of obese mothers may be spared the related health risks, but their grandchildren may not.

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Eat your way to better eye health

We are being urged to make small changes to our shopping list to ensure good eye health during Macular Degeneration Week.

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Illicit drug use linked to brain abnormalities

A high rate of illegal drug use could see an alarming rise in Parkinson’s disease for users later on.

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Breakthrough device could predict seizures

Scientists have developed a device that may be able to predict epilepsy seizures by monitoring early warning signs.

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The Diving Belle

Céline Cousteau is 
making it her mission to save the planet’s reefs by educating the public and is also 
actively involved in promoting eco-friendly travel.

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Air pollution: bad for your arteries

While pollution is an accepted part of our everyday lives, emerging evidence shows it could be contributing to potentially fatal heart attacks and stroke.

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How much is too much?

Emerging research shows few of us know our limits when it comes to alcohol.

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Iron deficiency widespread

Doctors have released a warning this week that a lack of iron could be a bigger problem than what most people think.

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Should you get the flu shot?

A spike in flu cases has prompted authorities to encourage early flu vaccines, but with so much conflicting information, many may choose to pass this option.

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The psychology of alcoholism

Forty per cent of society drink at dangerous levels, psychologist Erika Leonard addresses the problems associated with treating alcoholism and the new treatments available.

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Radioactive tuna may raise risks of cancer

Nuclear professor says radioactive tuna caught off California can produce a small inscrease in cancer risks. MiNDFOOD Reports.

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Low IQ among top heart health risks

Intelligence comes second only to smoking as a predictor of heart disease, scientists report, suggesting public health campaigns may need to target people with lower IQs if they are to work, reports MiNDFOOD.

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