Healthy hand washing guide

As the deadly new strain of coronavirus continues to spread, the world is grappling with how to control it.

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Long & Lean

This resistance band workout is a simple, yet effective, way to increase flexibility and core strength at your own pace.

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1,000-year-old eye remedy kills antibiotic resistant bacteria

An eye salve from a 9th century Anglo-Saxon manuscript was found to kill MSRA.

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Resistance Band Workout

Pilates is the perfect way to release any kinks in the body associated with sitting at a desk. Adding a resistance band will help you achieve maximum results in half the time.

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Top 5 ways to fight antibiotic resistance

We all have a responsibility to fight antibiotic resistance. Here are 5 ways you can do your part to safeguard global health.

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Caffeine most effective between 9:30am and 11:30am

To get the most out of your morning cup of coffee, down it between 9:30am and 11:30am, experts say.

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Listening to music adds 19 minutes to average workout

Turning on your favourite tune could add as much as 19 minutes to the average workout, a study has found.

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Walk fast to fitness

Get fit fast and have fun by walking with bursts of intensity and resistance just three times a week in the great outdoors with your friends.

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Five ways to ease back pain naturally

One quarter of the population suffers from back pain. Here are five simple steps to alleviate pain and strengthen your spine naturally.

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Resistance band fitness workout

Simple & inexpensive, resistance training is a great way to use small space for an entire body workout, anywhere, any time.

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Antibiotics: a risky business

The very real risks of antibiotics are fast outweighing the small benefits, experts have warned, with serious side effects and antibiotic resistance a growing concern

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Strength to Strength fitness gallery

Resistance training doesn’t bulk you up, but it does give your muscles definition. Do these simple exercises indoors or out.

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