$1 contraceptive soon available to world’s poorest countries

69 of the world’s poorest countries will soon have access to a $1 contraceptive pill.

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Indonesia villagers cook with gas made from garbage

A community in East Java, Indonesia, is turning methane from the local garbage dump into gas for more than 400 homes. Local authorities have set up a system where methane produced by rotting waste is extracted and pumped to villages nearby, turning greenhouse gas emissions into useful energy.

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It’s a rich man’s world, Oxfam report shows

The world’s 85 richest people own as much as the poorest half of the world, according to Oxfam’s latest report.

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Doctors turn Android into eye-phone

A team of doctors have used an android phone to develop a portable, low-cost eye examination kit for the developing world.

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Detroit Files For Bankruptcy

We take a look in pictures at the city of Detroit, which filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history last week.

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KidsCan: helping New Zealand kids

Not every child starts on an equal footing. KidsCan is helping to support the one in four New Zealand children living in poverty.

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Light Up a Life

One organisation is helping to light up communities in the third world by providing them with solar-powered lighting.

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Ovarian Cancer: the warning signs

Ovarian cancer often goes undetected until it’s too late because their aren’t any early detection tests. Alison Amos, CEO of Ovarian Cancer, talks to us about the warning signs to look out for that could give those at risk the best chance of survival.

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Shakira hosts online baby shower with UNICEF

While most expectant mothers celebrate their impending arrivals with close family and friends, one international celebrity has chosen to open up her celebration to the world for a good cause.

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Care Australia 2013

Care Australia seeks to help support some of the world’s poorest communities. Amelia Poxon joins us to explain what the organisation will be working on in the new year.

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It’s kimchi time for Korea’s needy

Over 2,000 people gather in Seoul to make 140 tonnes of a spicy and salty fermented cabbage dish to help feed the poor in winter.

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Turkey’s traditional wooden houses under threat

Fires, neglect, poor planning and migration have turned a growing problem into a threat of extinction for one of Istanbul’s least appreciated architectural forms: the wooden house, MiNDFOOD reports.

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Grassroots activist brings clean water to Afghanistan

During the last five years Aldo Magazzeni has arranged for some 75,000 people in remote areas of Afghanistan to be connected to community water systems, reports MiNDFOOD.

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