Dance Improves Lives For Those With Parkinson’s

Exercise experts say that movement can work wonders for people suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s.

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Medication For Parkinson’s Disease: The Pros And Cons

Around one in 500 New Zealanders are affected by this complicated neurodegenerative disease.

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New study links better sleep with improved cognitive ability for Parkinson’s patients

Can sleep help alleviate symptoms for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

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This lab created brain could change the future of Neuroscience

Scientists have grown a brain using skin cells and it could completely transform the way we treat neurological diseases.

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Latest Brain Food Discovered in New Zealand

The latest research suggests that New Zealand blackcurrants are an excellent source of brain food to increase concentration levels and will potentially be used as treatments against Parkinson’s disease and mental disorders.

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Hope for a vaccine against Parkinson’s disease

The world could be getting closer to a vaccine against Parkinson’s disease

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Williams’ death highlights link between Parkinson’s and Depression

Robin Williams’ death has drawn public attention to the correlation between depression and Parkinson’s disease.

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A bad gut could be linked to Parkinson’s and MS

Scientists have discovered a link between common stomach issues like bloating and gas, and degenerative diseases.

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Blueberries are our most potent brain food, scientists claim

A handful of blueberries a day could help fight off the onset of Parkinson’s Disease.

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Could pesticides sprayed on long-haul flights cause Parkinson’s?

A landmark legal case will examine the link between insecticide sprays used on long-haul flights and Parkinson’s disease.

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Illicit drug use linked to brain abnormalities

A high rate of illegal drug use could see an alarming rise in Parkinson’s disease for users later on.

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