Ending violence against women

Today, as we commemorate International Women’s Day, we are being asked to acknowledge the acts of violence still committed against women everywhere.

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IKEA meatballs with horsemeat sold across EU

IKEA confirms a batch of recalled Swedish meatballs that contained horsemeat were sold in up to 13 European countries.

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Creativity: Part 1

We tend to stop thinking creatively when we finish school. But, as businesses expect us to become more and more creative, how do we unlock this part of our brain? Dr Leigh Hodder explains.

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The power of excercise

Personal Trainer David Welsh is back to talk to us about importance of nutrition and the power of exercise in maintaining a healthy body weight. He divulges his tried and tested tips and explains why carbohydrates are our friends.

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How to de-stress and unwind

MiNDFOOD’s resident hypnotherapist Rhondda Stewart talks us through how to change the way we respond to the stress we encounter in our day-to-day lives by becoming aware of stress-triggers.

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Allowing yourself to heal

Author of ‘The Longest Journey’ and counsellor Amanda Stuart talks about how we can heal ourselves and our lives by confronting our past head on.

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Fashion Forecast gallery

As we shake off the last of winter’s chill, it’s time to see what spring 
has in store for our wardrobes. The prediction? Mostly sheer with thigh-high breezes, a white-out warning and a chance of a 60s revival.

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Garlic power

Leanne Pratt discusses the undeniable power of garlic when it comes to building our immune systems and protecting our hearts, MiNDFOOD reports.

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