Naked tourists spark protests from Barcelona locals

Barcelona’s locals have taken to the streets to protest the ‘antisocial’ behaviour of tourists to their city.

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Going native in New York

Blend in with the locals with these insider tips and come away with a more genuine taste of the Big Apple.

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Social media guiding the way for Boston blasts relief efforts

Boston locals are turning to social media to help those in need after yesterday’s deadly bomb attacks rocked their city.

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Killer whales freed after being trapped under ice

A pod of killer whales, which captured hearts around the world, as they lay trapped beneath a vast stretch of sea ice off the coast of Canada, may have finally escaped.

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GALLERY: The Australian Outback

Take a look through some wonderful images of the stark Australian outback in our travel gallery.

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GALLERY: Tomato-flinging warriors take charge

Thousands of farmers and tourists in Boyaca, Colombia fling tomatoes during annual “tomatina” fest. Around 18 tons of tomatoes and thousands of fruit-flinging enthusiasts make for a juicy fight!

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North Korean beer: Great taste, low proliferation

North Korea’s very own brew is enjoyed by locals and foreigners, who say it is superior to the mass-marketed beers from the South, MiNDFOOD reports.

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