The sexist chocolate bar outraging Israeli women

Why are Israeli women so angry about a chocolate bar?

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Amnesty International calls on UN to impose arms embargo on Isreal

USA is accused of supplying Israel with “tools to commit further serious violations of international law”.

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Bloodshed at UN school in Gaza

The UN condemns attack on its school in Gaza, where 10 civilians died and 30 were wounded, while the Israeli army says it was not deliberately targeting U.N. schools.

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Palestinian Smoke Art

Young Palestinian artists turn rocket strike smoke into art

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Israel mobilises 20,000 troops for possible ground offensive

Israeli forces take up positions along the Gaza border, waiting for the green light for a possible ground offensive after six days of air strikes.

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Red sea’s coral reefs immune to bleaching

Ecologists want the Red Sea’s coral reefs to be declared a World Heritage site because of their unique ability to resist bleaching.

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Rare sand kittens born in Israel

Four sand kittens, considered extinct in Israel, delight the crowds at Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv.

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What a drag, Israeli team grows “highless” marijuana

Cannabis growers in Israel have cultivated marijuana that doesn’t get you high. According to its developers, high-less pot gives people suffering from chronic pain and disease a way to get the all the medical benefits while keeping their senses.

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Gallery: Millions celebrate Orthodox Easter

Revelers and religious leaders around the world celebrated Orthodox Easter over the weekend. Scroll through our gallery of colourful and quirky images.

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