A peculiar new farming trade

In the densely air-polluted cities of China, a new product in the health and wellbeing market has emerged that’s proving […]

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How coffee flour could solve the problems associated with coffee harvesting

Can turning the ‘cherry’ from a coffee bean into flour change the negative impact on the environment?

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Grape picking robot will prune like a pro

A French engineer is offering wine-growers an efficient way to harvest their grapes without breaking their back – a robot designed to prune and pick grapes for them.

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From the source: Mushrooms

With a visit to two innovative mushroom growers, food editor Dixie Elliott shines a light on the art of nurturing and harvesting these earthy delights.

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From the source: Wasabi

What most of us know as wasabi is really just horseradish in disguise.
We meet Australia’s top wasabi grower and discover a truly intriguing plant that won’t release its prized fiery flavour to just anyone.

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Italian wines spar with French in quest for quality

Not content with topping the French in volume of export wine, a number of Italian vintners have also been harvesting a lot of praise from critics.

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