Ben’s Steak, Dark Ale and Stilton Pie

Ben’s Steak, Dark Ale and Stilton Pie. Don’t be alarmed by the use of Vegemite in this beef pie. It […]

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A Tale Of Two Cities

MiNDFOOD goes off the beaten culinary track and discovers the underground foodie gems of London and Paris, from markets and brasseries to street fare.

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GALLERY: Weird World Records

We take a look at the odd, sometimes bizzare, often confronting lengths people will go to for a Guinness World Record. From the world’s longest mohawk, fingernails and lego towers to the largest omelette, sandwich and rubber band ball.

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11-year-old pianist sets Guinness Record

11-year-old piano prodigy, Ethan Bortnick, sets the Guinness World Record as the youngest solo musician to headline his own concert tour.

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Lolong is world’s largest croc

A saltwater crocodile weighing more than one ton is declared the world’s largest by Guinness.

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Gallery: St Patrick’s Day celebrations

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Easy Eggs

Celebrity chef Howard Helmer gives the omelette a makeover – transforming it from breakfast snack to main meal, MiNDFOOD reports.

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