What if dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out?

A new documentary reveals that most dinosaurs could have survived if the asteroid had hit just 30 seconds later.

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Could your anxiety be making you smarter?

Studies show a correlation between worrying and high intelligence.

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Evolution to blame for men’s curve preference?

Evolution might be the reason why men prefer curvy spines

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Reese Witherspoon’s style evolution

We track our December cover star Reese Witherspoon’s style evolution.

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Research reveals genetic similarities among friends

Those who consider friends as family, have been on to something all along, as studies discover that they most likely share the same DNA.

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Archaeologists unearth earliest example of human with cancer

British archaeologists have discovered what they claim is the world’s oldest complete example of a human with cancer.

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Monogamy evolved in men for a reason

Two studies have finally found the evolutionary answers for why men developed to be monogamous.

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Study uncovers humans with ape-like feet

One in every thirteen people displays flexible “ape-like” feet similar to that of our evolutionary relatives.

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Red headed gene dominance could end prejudice

Scottish scientists are trying to combat bullying of red heads with an information campaign about genetic dominance.

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