Pterosaur discovery: New winged dinosaur fossils found in Australia

Paleontologists in Australia have identified fossils as belonging to a new winged dinosaur species.

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Massive breakthrough as water found on Mars

NASA scientists have revealed that water flows on the surface of Mars – a massive breakthrough in terms of the […]

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Elderly man finds son he never knew after discovering a letter hidden by wife for 60 years

An elderly man has found out he has a son after discovering a letter his now deceased wife had hid from him during their 60-year marriage.

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Scientists identify genetic cause of lupus

For the first time, Australian scientists have identified the genetic cause of lupus in a specific individual.

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in squid

Canadian researchers have discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria in raw squid.

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Scientists celebrate Nobel Prize behind Higgs boson

With news of the Higgs boson taking home the Nobel Prize, the two leading scientists behind the discovery celebrate.

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Cancer not a modern disease

A 120,000-year-old Neanderthal fossil displaying signs of a tumour may provide clues to cancer’s origins.

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Antibiotics cure chronic back pain

Millions of chronic back pain sufferers could avoid major surgery by taking antibiotics.

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Life on Mars, once capable

The red planet once had the right ingredients to support life, scientists have discovered after analysing rock powder samples from Mars.

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Aboriginal DNA suggests missing Indian link

Research into the origins of Australia’s indigenous population has revealed an unexpected genetic relationship to their South Asian neighbours.

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Malaria cure is in sight, say researchers

Researchers at the University of Cape Town say they may be close to producing a cure for malaria following their discovery of a compound that disrupts the malaria parasite’s lifecycle in animal models, effectively destroying it.

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Russel Watson – The people’s tenor Part 2

Russel Watson is an English tenor who an overnight success and is now fondly known as “the voice”. In this two part interview he shares with us his early days as a struggling artist, his discovery and rise to fame and his battle with illness.

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Skincare secrets

Tips for keeping your skin healthy, from being sun-savvy to preventing premature ageing through lifestyle choices, Podcasts Presents.

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