BRCA1 gene link to Alzheimer’s

The gene that prompted Angelina Jolie, and thousands like her, to undergo preventative surgery may change Alzheimer’s treatment forever.

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Mercy Ships: Offshore saviours

A floating hospital not only gives medical attention to African women in need but also offers comfort and hope while restoring dignity.

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My Story: Jasmin Biddell, Mercy Ships

Nurse Jasmin Biddell’s talks to us about her experience working with floating hospital, Mercy Ships, in Africa.

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International Day of People with a Disability

December 3, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of International Day of People with Disability which aims to promote an understanding of people with disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well-being.

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MiNDFOOD Radio: Jacqueline Hellyer

Sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer is back to talk to MiNDFOOD radio about breaking up, how to cope and maintain dignity in this difficult time.

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