Aspartame to be removed from  popular diet soft-drink

Aspartame, the controversial artificial sweetener found in diet soft drinks will be removed from a popular beverage.

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Biological farming

Andrew Monk from Biological Farms of Australia, talks to us about the growing demand for organic produce and the latest revelations for the industry.

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Strawberries and dreams in India’s hill district

India may be renowned for its production of wheat and corn, but one man is turning to strawberries. MiNDFOOD reports.

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Belgian Beer Weekend Fetes Specialty Brews

Belgian Beer Weekend Fetes Specialty Brews. Microbreweries have rapidly gained popularity in recent years across the globe, but Belgium has been […]

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From the source: Wasabi

What most of us know as wasabi is really just horseradish in disguise.
We meet Australia’s top wasabi grower and discover a truly intriguing plant that won’t release its prized fiery flavour to just anyone.

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Peaks and troughs

What’s the value of a pint of beer? Let the market decide, says a new restaurant in Manhattan where prices for food and beverages will fluctuate like stock prices in increments according to demand, MiNDFOOD reports.

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