Tower of London commemorates WWI centenary with art installation

The tower’s famous dry moat is set to be covered in a sea of poppies to honour the fallen, 100 years on from WWI.

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Few in Iraq mark war anniversary

A decade after US troops toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime, few Iraqis mark the day as they face political and economic woes.

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Anti-nuclear protests in Japan commemorate Fukushima anniversary

Public sentiment in Japan has turned against nuclear energy in the two years since its devastating nuclear disaster, but while many would like to see a zero nuclear power future – will it be possible?

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febfast: Pause your drinking for a cause this February

We all love an excuse for a drink – in fact, it’s engrained in our culture. We drink to celebrate, commiserate and commemorate, but our love of booze could be a problem.

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Australia, New Zealand mark ANZAC day

Parades and ceremonies are held to commemorate ANZAC day, including on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey, where allied forces had over 21,000 causalities in 1915. MiNDFOOD reports.

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Marking a Titanic anniversary

Ceremonies are held in Ireland and at sea to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

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GALLERY: Onboard the Titanic memorial cruise

Relatives of survivors and those who perished on the doomed Titanic are among 1,300 passengers aboard the Titanic memorial cruise. It will retrace the ship’s historic journey before it crashed into an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic ocean in 1912. Take a look at some images of the historic journey.

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GALLERY: Japan marks 1 year tsunami anniversary

It has been almost one year since a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, unleashing a terrifying tsunami. The wall of water caused widespread destruction, left almost 22,000 people dead or missing and triggered a nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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