Spa Auckland

By Milly Nolan

Not only did my Spa Auckland facial thoroughly rejuvenate my face, it also prompted a much-needed deep sleep, Milly Nolan blog on MiNDFOOD.

Being a guinea pig for luxurious treatments is one of the perks of being a Beauty Editor. As always before a new treatment, I was extremely looking forward to the one-hour-and-45-minute-long “Radiant Beauty” facial that I would be trialling at Spa Auckland (previously Servilles Spa). Especially, considering that it was at the end of a long week and my skin was reflecting exactly how I felt – tired and stressed out!

After being tucked between layers of soft towels and blankets and soothed by the relaxing music filling the room, the pampering began with the therapist wrapping my feet in hot towels and waving aromatherapy oil under my nose to inhale. After my face was cleansed free of make-up and any grime collected over the day, my skin was analysed and diagnosed as being dehydrated and dry in patches.

I have to admit that I’m not quite sure what happened next as no matter how hard I tried to stay awake, sleep got the better of me and it was not until I was given a gentle nudge and was told it was all over that I came to life again. I have since found out that the following steps occurred during my deep, blissful slumber.

1 Tone

2 Peel

3 Scalp Massage

4 First Facial Massage: this is a deep face and décolletage massage to generate circulation and to stimulate and activate the skin

5 First Mask Treatment

6 Second Facial Massage: a light massage working on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins

7 Second Mask Treatment (whilst this mask is on the hands are cleansed and massaged)

8 To finish, tone, eye cream, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen

While I did not consciously “feel” any of this, how my skin looked and felt afterwards was testament to the fact that the facial had worked wonders. My skin was as soft and as plump as a baby’s bottom (the most appropriate cliché to describe it) and it had a certain glow that I had never seen my skin radiate before.

The facial well and truly lived up to its name and I will definitely be going back for more. If not just for the sleep alone.

Spa Auckland

Radiant Beauty Facial, RRP $170


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