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Truffled Pasta

Truffled Pasta

This is a special occasion pasta dish that's so simple to make. Just let the aromatic truffle butter do the talking.

Truffled Pasta

Serves 4

400g pasta of your choice (linguini, spaghetti)

20g black truffle

250g good quality butter

dash of truffle oil

Using the best fresh fettucini, linguini or spaghetti you can find, cook the pasta until al dente in heavily salted water.  Drain and return to the pot.

While the pasta is still piping hot, toss through several generous discs of truffle butter, until the pasta is well coated.  Garnish with generous amounts of shaved or chopped truffle.  The heat of the pasta will release the wonderful aroma of the truffle.  Voila!

How to make Truffle butter: About 10gm of black truffle will “truffle” about 250gm butter.  Finely chop the black truffle until it resembles grated chocolate.  Mash up 250gm of good quality butter until it is soft.  Add the finely chopped truffle and combine the two until the truffle is evenly mixed through.  For added aroma, and to make the butter easier to work with, add a dash of truffle oil while combining the truffle into the butter mixture.  Shape the truffled butter into a log and wrap in baking paper.  Keep refrigerated.  Use within five days.

Tip: Truffled butter is a delicious, rich accompaniment to steak. What could be better on winter’s night than a beautifully cooked eye fillet, topped with a generous disc of truffle butter?  The butter will melt over and coat the steak, and the heat of the meat will release the gorgeous aromas contained within the truffle.  Serve with creamy mashed potato and roasted root vegetables fresh from the garden.

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