Top Five Summer Barbecue Recipes


Top Five Summer Barbecue Recipes

We’re celebrating the start of the festive season by compiling our Top Five Summer Barbecue Recipes. With vegetarian and kid-friendly options as well as some delicious sides, entertaining will be a breeze. MiNDFOOD reports.

Top Five Summer Barbecue Recipes

We share our top five summer barbecue recipes as well as our favourite sides to help you enjoy the special events of the season.

Pork, Corn and Red Capsicum Kebabs with Creamy Herb Mayonnaise

Get some pork on your fork with these delicious kebabs. The sweetness of corn and capsicum make them ideal partners with the delicate flavour of the meat. Make sure to use a tender cut such as the fillet that we’ve used in this recipe.


Tofu is a perfect substitute for meat in classic barbecue dishes like burgers. Mixed with chickpeas and coriander leaves, this recipe is a tasty alternative to a meaty classic and is sure to please those often-forgotten vegetarians in your life.

KID FRIENDLY: Beef Meatball Kebabs

Kids will love these tasty meatball kebabs. They’re perfect for hiding vegetables, herbs and other goodies in so parents will love them too. Serve with pita bread warmed slightly on the grill and your favourite sauce. Voila!

INEXPENSIVE: Chipolatas on Rosemary Skewers with Chilli and Chive Corn

If you’re looking for an inexpensive meal this recipe is ideal. Chipolatas are a type of breakfast sausage and skewering them onto stalks of Rosemary is a sure fire way to infuse even more flavour into every bite.

SEAFOOD: Prawn and Chorizo Cocktail Kebabs with Spicy Capsicum Sauce

Prawns are a barbecue staple and made even more decadent with slices of chorizo. The spicy capsicum sauce makes this dish ideal for a Spanish or mexican inspired meal. We recommend you serve this dish with our Corn, Black Bean and Tomato Salad mentioned below.

COLESLAW: Asian Coleslaw

A modern Asian-inspired twist on the traditional coleslaw salad, for which no barbecue is complete without! Wombok (chinese cabbage) and gai lan (chinese broccoli) don’t necessarily require cooking, so they’re perfect for adding to quick and easy salads.

POTATO SALAD: Potato Salad with Fresh Herbs

Refresh your tired old-potato salad recipe with fresh herbs. We’ve used new potatoes for our salad, they typically have a slightly sweet flavour so require little extra seasoning. A selection of fresh herbs such as mint and chives, chopped finely, along with salt and pepper is often all you’ll need.

SALSA: Corn, Black Bean and Tomato Salad

This bright and colorful salad of in season corn, black beans and tomato goes well with chargrilled steak or lamb cutlets. It’s ideal for a quick and easy barbecue meal with friends and easy on the pocket too!



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