Shaken or stirred? Our best ever Martini recipes


Shaken or stirred? Our best ever Martini recipes
Happy World Martini Day! Whether you like your's shaken or stirred, here are our best ever martini recipes to enjoy.

Who knew there were so many variations to the age old Martini? The original American elixir involved pouring gin and dry vermouth into a mixing glass with ice cubes and stirring. Once mixed, the liquid was strained into a chilled cocktail glass and garnished with either an olive or a twist of lemon peel. However, today’s martinis are prepared in all sorts of ways, embracing different flavours and strengths.

Here are a handful of our favourite Martini recipes from

Espresso Martini

The perfect party pick-me-up, this espresso martini is made richer with the addition of Galliano’s creamy chocolate Arabica coffee beans from Brazil.

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Pear Rosemary Martini


After a thirst quenching tour through a handful of different martini variations, and with the mastermind Ali Dedianko, Belvedere’s global brand Ambassador, helping us, we decided on a Classic martini with a pear and rosemary twist. Enjoy!
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Bees Blessing Thyme Martini


The latest cocktail trend sees the addition of herbs to many stalwarts, like the addition of thyme to the classic martini.

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Pickled Martini

Adding a pickled onion or cucumber gives a sharp martini drink a hint of savoury balance. Al Brown shares his recipe for a delicious martini from his eatery, The Federal, Auckland.

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