Picnic Basket of Sandwiches and Rolls

By Dixie Elliott

Picnic Basket of Sandwiches and Rolls

Picnic Basket of Sandwiches and Rolls. Taking advantage of the warmer weather this weekend and a make a basket of these tasty sandwiches. There’s enough variety and flavour combination’s to please everyone!


Our Favourite Chicken Sandwiches 

12 slices sourdough bread

2 cups shredded iceberg lettuce

2 cup finely chopped chicken meat

1/3 cup whole egg mayonnaise

2 tbsp finely chopped tarragon

Spread 6 slices of sourdough bread with butter. Place shredded lettuce onto base of rolls. Combine chicken, mayonnaise and tarragon in a bowl. Spoon onto lettuce. Spread butter onto remaining slices of bread. Cover filling with remaining slices of bread, butter side down. Place onto platter.


Italian Deli Sandwiches 

2 thin long rolls, cut into thirds,

split through the centre

butter, softened, to spread on rolls

12 thin slices mortadella

½ cup artichoke cream

12 rocket leaves

Place thin rolls onto chopping board. Spread insides with butter. Place mortadella onto base of roll. Top with artichoke cream and rocket leaves. Place onto platter.


Tasty Roast Beef Sandwiches 

6 small bread rolls

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

12 thin slices rare roast beef

100g semi-dried tomatoes

100g gruyère cheese, grated

6 small butter lettuce leaves

Cut small bread rolls through centre. Spread base of rolls with mustard. Top with beef, semi-dried tomatoes, gruyère cheese and lettuce. Cover with top of rolls and place on platter.


Sweet Salmon Rolls 

6 small brioche

200g smoked salmon

⅓ cup sour cream

2 tbsp finely chopped chives

Cut tops off brioche. Scoop out a little of the base, to form a pocket. Fill with salmon. Top with teaspoon full of sour cream. Sprinkle with chives. Cover filling with brioche tops. Place onto platter. Serve.


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