Panna Cotta with Fruit Salad and Mint


Panna Cotta with Fruit Salad and Mint

Panna Cotta with Fruit Salad and Mint recipe, brought to you by MiNDFOOD.

If you have a sweat tooth and don’t mind spending a little time in the kitchen, try this luxurious passionfruit panna cotta with fresh mint, by Ashley Hughes from Alio restaurant in Sydney.

Pineapple syrup

500ml sugar syrup

1 cinnamon quill

1 clove

1 star anise

Passionfruit jelly

125ml passionfruit juice

125ml  sugar syrup

125ml  water

3 gelatine leaves

1tbl washed passionfruit seeds

Panna Cotta

900ml cream (reduce to 700ml)

300ml cream (whipped)

100g sugar

150ml  milk    

4 gelatine leaves

90ml triple sec

2 vanilla beans

1 lemon zest    

Passionfruit sauce

300ml passionfruit juice

150ml sugar syrup

Fruit salad:

1tbl pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, blueberry, raspberry.

Chopped Mint

1 Begin with the pineapple syrup. Remove the skin of the pineapple and the core, then dice into 1cm square. In a pot bring the sugar syrup and spices to the boil. Then add the diced pineapple and allow to marinate over night.

2 For the passionfruit jelly, soak the gelatine leaves in water. Bring the passionfruit juice, sugar syrup and water to the boil, then add the soaked gelatine leaves to the mixture. Strain. Place 2 tsp of the passionfruit jelly in the bottom of each mould, and allow to set before you add the finished panna cotta later on.

3 Now begin the panna cotta. Bring 900ml of cream to the boil with the lemon zest and the vanilla bean. Reduce the cream to 700ml. While the cream is reducing, soak the gelatine leaves in milk until the leaves become soft. Next add the milk and the gelatine to the reduced cream and stir until all the gelatine has dissolved.

4 Add the sugar and the triple sec to the cream mixture and ensure all the sugar and gelatine is mixed in well. Strain the cream to remove the lemon and vanilla, then cool the mixture down until it begins to thicken.

5 Whip the remaining 300mls of cream and fold it throw the cooled cream mixture. Now the panna cotta are ready to be placed in the moulds and set – this will take 6 hours.

6 In a bowl add 1 tablespoon of passionfruit sauce, and one tablespoon of the following fruit: pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, blueberry, raspberry and some of the chopped mint.

7 Mix together, and serve on the side of the turned out panna cotta.



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