Our Best Prawn Recipes for the Festive Season

Our Best Prawn Recipes for the Festive Season
We've pulled together a list of our favourite prawn based recipes for you to try.


Prawns can be purchased either cooked or green (raw) and either shelled or unshelled. In 1kg you should get around 25-30 medium-sized prawns, approx. 500g of meat. In both cooked or green prawns, avoid buying any that have signs of blackness around the head and legs.


It is always best to use prawns as soon as possible, but if necessary, store them with shell on in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2-3 days. Prawns can be frozen for up to three months. To do this, place unpeeled prawns into containers, cover with water and freeze. To defrost, rinse under cold water to get the defrosting started, and allow to finish defrosting in the fridge over a day or two.


To peel cooked or green prawns, pull off head then remove shell and legs. Leave the tail on if you wish. To devein, pull away the dark digestive tract–make this easier by using a sharp skewer to pick beneath the vein .Or, remove by slitting the back of the prawn with a sharp paring knife. Save heads and shells to make a delicious prawn stock.


Use green prawns in dishes that require cooking. They can be grilled, pan-fried, baked or boiled. Reheating cooked prawns will make them dry and tough. Prawns don’t take long to cook–generally 3-5minutes. It is better to undercook, as the residual heat will finish them off. When cooked, prawns become orange and white in colour. Overcooking will result in a dry, rubbery texture. Use cooked prawns in dishes that don’t require cooking, such as a prawn cocktail or with a squeeze of lemon juice

Our Best Prawn Recipes for the Festive Season

Creamy Tuscan Garlic Prawns

Creamy Tuscan Garlic Prawns | MiNDFOOD Recipes

Creamy garlic prawns are comfort food at its best.

Find this delicious Italian prawn dish here 

Prawn & Avocado Cocktail


Fresh prawn and avocado cocktails are a quintessential festive starter

Try this fresh and seasonal dish here  

Prawn & Tomato Panzanella with Green Olive Dressing

The traditional Italian bread-salad gets a modern update with the addition of grilled prawns & a green-olive dressing.

Click here to try the recipe

Zesty Prawn & Mango Served on Betel Leaves

Looking for an impressive starter? These Zesty Prawn & Mango Served on Betel Leaves are sure to do the trick.

Check out the recipe here.

Barbecued Prawn & Eggplant Kebabs with Tahini & Sumac Dressing

Quick and easy, this flavoursome wrap is the perfect way to beat the heat and use up any leftover protein in the fridge.

This simple and tasty wrap can be found here

Prawns with Garlic and Pepper Sauce

Prawn & Chorizo Red Rice

This one-pot-wonder will liven up any weeknight dinner table. Serve with fresh coriander and lashings of lime for a fragrant and seriously satisfying dish.

Find this tex-mex take on prawns here

Garlic Prawns

Deliciously, easy garlic prawns with white wine sauce. Serve with tasty aioli and lemon.

Find this garlic take on prawns here

Prawn and Green Mango Salad

This salad is full of fresh summer flavours and loads of texture and crunch.

Try this crowd pleaser here

Garlic Chilli Prawns with Lemon Flatbread

Garlic Chilli Prawns with Lemon Flatbread

Spice up your weeknight with these delicious chargrilled prawns. Serve with zingy lemon flatbreads and a fresh green salad.

Click here to try this BBQ favourite



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