Mary’s Spicy Fried ‘Shroom Burger

Mary’s Spicy Fried ‘Shroom Burger
Mushroom Burgers, does it get any better? These iconic Mary's burger are a vegetarians dream. And with a spicy kick AND buttermilk marinade, everyone is sure to enjoy them.

If you love mushrooms you are going to love Mary’s Spicy Fried ‘Shroom Burger. Toast the buns until golden and place the toasted sides up. Spread hot sauce mayo on the buns. Add pickles and American cheese. Top with the deep fried golden mushroom pattie, season generously with Mushroom Salt and nestle the top bun atop.

Mary’s Spicy Fried ‘Shroom Burger Recipe

Makes 6


6 flat Australian Mushrooms
100g table salt
1⁄2 bunch of thyme
6 garlic cloves
1L vegetable oil
50g chilli powder
100g garlic powder
100g onion powder
100g black pepper powder
600mL buttermilk
30g table salt
250g self-raising flour
25g table salt
10g fresh cracked black pepper
6 soft white milk buns
American cheese
Hot sauce (of your choice)
Whole egg mayonnaise
Dill pickles, sliced 2cm thick

Mushroom Pattie

Put the mushrooms gills up on a lined baking pan.Cover with aluminium foil, ensuring to create a seal within which the steam can cook the mushrooms and place into a preheated oven at 150°C for 30 minutes.

Remove mushrooms from the pan and cool. Then place mushrooms in the buttermilk marinade until ready to cook burgers.

Reserve the mushroom juices left in the baking pan for a vegan substitute of Worcestershire sauce (as used in Mary’s World’s Best Bloody Mary recipe).

Generously season with Shroom Salt (or regular salt) and add 2 tbsp of garlic and thyme oil to the inside of the mushrooms.

Mushroom Salt

Pop mushroom stalks in the oven at 80 degrees until dried and combine with table salt in a food processor.

Garlic and Thyme Oil

Strip thyme leaves off the stalk, and blitz with garlic cloves and vegetable oil in a food processor.

Buttermilk Marinade

Combine buttermilk and salt and reserve for marinating the mushrooms.

Seasoned Flour

Combine self-raising flour with salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

Hot Sauce Mayo

Combine mayonnaise and hot sauce to taste.


Preheat the remaining vegetable oil in a saucepan to 17°C, ensuring that the oil does not exceed 1⁄3 of the pot.
Toast the buns until golden and place the toasted sides up.
Place hot sauce mayo on top and bottom of the buns.
Place pickles, then American cheese on the bottom bun.
Remove the mushrooms from the buttermilk and dredge in the seasoned flour until well coated.
Deep fry until golden brown.
Remove and season generously with Shroom Salt and seasoning.
Place the Fried Shroom atop the cheese, nestle the top bun atop.


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