In the Engine Room


Meet MiNDFOOD's new Global Kitchen Editor, Carl Koppenhagen, MiNDFOOD reports.

Meet MiNDFOOD’s new Global Kitchen Editor, Carl Koppenhagen.

From the moment Carl Koppenhagen worked his first shift at the age of 12, washing dishes as a part-time kitchen hand, he was hooked on restaurant culture. Soon he was slicing mushrooms, making potato dauphinois and crumbing calamari.

Food was important in Koppenhagen’s childhood. His parents owned a delicatessen when few existed in New Zealand, but it was the hustle and bustle of the kitchen that really drew him to a career in cuisine. Today, Koppenhagen is co-owner of The Engine Room restaurant at Northcote Point in Auckland.

This month, Koppenhagen begins as MiNDFOOD’s Global Kitchen Editor, a role in which he relishes sharing his experience in “people’s markets” rather than designer food markets. “When you go to places like Otara Market and Avondale Market [both in Auckland], that’s when you see the sorts of ingredients I use, which are fresh, seasonal and available,” he says.

Koppenhagen’s recipes in MiNDFOOD each month will focus on a specific destination: “I want to use the best available ingredients to execute recipes authentically. The ingredients are all readily available; it’s more a matter of not being afraid of knowing how to use them.”



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