Les Peches Farcies Crème Patissiere

By Anna Teplitzky

Les Peches Farcies Crème Patissiere

Famed chef Martin Teplitzky shares his mother’s delicious recipe for Les Peches Farcies Crème Patissiere – peaches stuffed with a delicious ricotta and almond filling, served with a side of crème patissiere.

Serves 4


4 peaches

250g ricotta

1 tsp almond essence or amaretto

½ cup icing sugar

1 tbsp raw sugar

1/3 cup brandy

3 oranges juiced

½ cup Grande Marnier or Cointreau

Pinch nutmeg

¼ cup toasted flaked almonds

Lightly poach the peaches in sugar syrup for about 5mins then remove and cool a little then peel, halve and remove the stones

Mix together in a bowl the ricotta, almond essence and icing sugar and refrigerate

In a sauce pan caramelize the raw sugar then flame with the brandy and simmer with the orange juice then cool and refrigerate

At serving time add the Grande Marnier

Crème Patissiere

1 cup castor sugar

4 egg yolks

2 whole eggs

¼ cup plain flour

2 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla essence or 1 vanilla bean split

Beat the sugar and egg yolks until creamy then add the whole eggs and the flour and beat

Bring the milk and vanilla just up to boiling point then pour over the egg mixture whisking constantly then place back into the sauce pan and whisk over a low heat until it thickens

Pour into a bowl and refrigerate

To serve:

Fill each peach halve with the ricotta mixture and place on a serving dish.

Pour the sauce around each peach, sprinkle with the flaked almonds  and nutmeg and serve with the crème patissiere on the side



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