Lemongrass Prawns with Lime & Chilli Salt

By Weight Watchers

Lemongrass Prawns with Lime & Chilli Salt

Lemongrass Prawns with Lime & Chilli Salt recipe, brought to you by MiNDFOOD.


1½ tsp sea salt flakes

¼ cup (20g) fried shallots

2 tsp finely grated lime rind

1 tsp dried chilli flakes

1 tbs caster sugar

1.8kg large green prawns (see note)

2 tbs light olive oil

1 tbs lemongrass paste

¼ cup coarsely chopped fresh coriander

Lime wedges, to serve


1 Place sea salt, fried shallots, rind, chilli flakes and sugar in a food processor. Pulse until mixture resembles f ine breadcrumbs. Place lime and chilli salt aside.

2 Peel prawns, leaving tails intact, and place in a large bowl. Add oil and lemongrass paste and toss to coat. Thread prawns, tails f irst, onto wooden skewers (see tip).

3 Preheat a barbecue or chargrill over high heat. Cook prawns 
for 1–2 minutes each side or until just cooked through. Sprinkle prawns with coriander and lime and chilli salt. Serve with lime wedges.


NOTE: To save time you can use ready-peeled prawns for this recipe. You will need to buy 900g peeled green prawns with tails intact (sometimes called prawn cutlets).

TIP: Soak wooden skewers in cold water for 10 minutes before using to stop them burning during cooking.

Quick tip: Green (raw) prawns are best peeled just before cooking. First, gently twist off the head. Then, turn the prawn upside down and use your f ingers to prise off the shell and legs.



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