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How To Grate Wasabi

How To Grate Wasabi

Enhance your favourite recipe's with your own grated wasabi.

How To Grate Wasabi

• Make sure the wasabi is stored cool, but never frozen.

• Use a very fine grater. Japanese sharkskin graters (pictured) are ideal. 

• Hold wasabi at 45 degrees to the surface and grate in a circular motion to mix the grated wasabi around and around; this combines the chemicals that create the pungent flavour. 

• If necessary, add a drop of water to moisten the freshly ground paste. 

• Let the fresh paste rest for 3-5 minutes before consuming, as this allows its full, sweet flavour and intense heat to build up.

• Grate only enough for immediate use, as wasabi loses its flavour about 30 minutes after you grate it.

• If cooking with wasabi, avoid heating it too much; the heat causes the flavour to volatilise quickly.

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