Honeycomb, Meringue Shards and Shortcake Cookie

By Andrew Bowden, Hartsyard Restaurant

Honeycomb, Meringue Shards and Shortcake Cookie

Honeycomb, Meringue Shards and Shortcake Cookie. Whether you’re recreating our sixth birthday cake or you’re on another baking adventure, these tasty toppings will take it to the next level.


50g water

300g sugar

150g glucose

8g bi carb soda

Method: pre line a tray with baking paper. place sugar, glucose and water In a pot. Bring to a very faint caramel, approx 150 degrees if you have a sugar thermometer. Add bi carb and stir through quickly and thoroughly and immediately transfer to your tray to cool. Allow to cool for around an hour

Meringue Shards

200g egg whites

320g icing sugar

Zest of 2 lemons

Method: put egg whites in a mixing bowl with whisk attachment. Whisk on high speed and add sifted icing sugar gradually, whisk until smooth and glossy. Add zested lemon peel and mix through meringue. Spread thinly on a lined baking tray. Place in a dry oven at 70 degrees for 6 hours (alternatively oven at 110 for around 40 minutes and then cool in oven for a further 20 minutes) store bought meringues will suffice

Shortcake cookie

400g reserved shortcake off cuts

20g raw sugar

30g milk powder

40g malted milk powder

70g melted butter

Method: crumble shortcake off cuts and bake at 170 for ten minutes or until golden and crisp. Cool. Add remaining ingredients and combine



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