Four ways to turn your family favourites vegetarian


Four ways to turn your family favourites vegetarian
These vegetarian versions of tasty classics are sure to impress.

If you aren’t vegetarian but are looking to improve your health – and care for the planet – try eating less meat. Meat-free Mondays are a great way to start and you can dedicate other days as you progress.

Our collection of vegetarian family recipes offers a variety of tasty and healthy options that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. From hearty stews to flavourful salads and stir-fries, our recipes are packed with fresh vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based proteins. Plus, they’re easy to make and budget-friendly, making them perfect for busy weeknights. So grab your apron and get ready to whip up some tasty vegetarian meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Lentils and seasonal vegetables

Lasagna is commonly made with three basic ingredients: mince, lasagna sheets and cheese. By removing the mince and adding lentils, along with a wide selection of vegetables such as eggplants, capsicum and courgette, you have a great tasting lasagna that can easily be modified to suit the seasons, just by simply changing the type of vegetables you include.

Try our Tomatoes with Lentils and Kale


Honey and Chilli Tofu with Asian Greens

Curries and stir-fries are some of the easiest meals to modify. Replace any meat you commonly use with cashew nuts, chickpeas, kidney beans or tofu. Tofu is a great ingredient as it has no flavour of its own and takes on the flavours of the food it is being cooked with. Tofu is made from soy beans and comes as two forms: firm and silken. Firm tofu can be used in stir-fries, soups and curries. Tofu is found in the chiller section, vacuum packed or stored in water.

Try our Honey and Chilli Tofu with Asian Greens


Sprinkling nuts into pastas and salads is a great way to enjoy one of nature’s best superfoods. A great source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, just a handful five or more times a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30-50 per cent – and they taste great.

Try our Chopped Kohlrabi, Apple and Rocket Salad with Roasted Hazelnuts and Honey Herb Pesto


If you usually include a ham or bacon bone when cooking soups, try replacing them with a can of chickpeas, or if you’re looking for a bit of extra spice, try adding chilli beans. There are a wide variety of beans that you can use in soups for extra texture and taste. Why not experiment to find your favourite: try borlotti beans, cannellini beans, red kidney beans or aduki beans.

Try our Slow-Baked Beans


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