MiNDFOOD’s Family Favourite Easter Recipes

By Efrosini Costa

MiNDFOOD’s Family Favourite Easter Recipes

MiNDFOOD’s Family Favourite Easter Recipes. Festive celebrations, like Easter, call for long-held traditions, customs and of course favourite family recipes that make us feel like little kids all over again!

Festive celebrations, like Easter, call for long-held traditions, customs and of course favourite family recipes that make us feel like little kids all over again!

In the MiNDFOOD office we’re definitely a multicultural bunch; and this is easily reflected in the diverse foods we love to make and eat with our families on special occasions.


So what better way to celebrate our diversity this Easter long-weekend than by sharing our top-secret family recipes for our favourite sweet treats with all of you?

From German to Persian, Greek to Irish we have compiled a list of recipes that, hopefully, will inspire new Easter traditions for you and your loved ones this weekend:



Our sub-editor Katrina’s mum, Marianne, has made these hot cross buns every Easter for as long as she can remember. 

“The smell of them baking in the oven always brings back great memories and as kids we used to love helping Mum make them.”

“This year I won’t be home for Easter, so I’ve decided there’s only one solution – to bake them myself! (If they don’t work out, Mum’s promised to send some over with the Easter Bunny. Win.)”




For online editor Efrosini, Easter wouldn’t be the same without these delicious buttery biscuits smothered in mounds of white icing sugar.

“This is my grandmother Athanasia’s recipe, which was handed down to her and which she brought across when she migrated to Australia in 1950.Every year, in the lead up to Easter, three generations of women gather in her small kitchen to create these delicious biscuits for their families.”

“They are best enjoyed with a traditional Greek coffee or a refreshing glass of ouzo over ice, if you’re so inclined. Careful the icing sugar goodness means they can be messy to eat!”



Although the Persian community don’t traditionally celebrate Easter, for Associate editor Mariam, the long weekend is always a great excuse to get together with friends and enjoy some delicious sweet treats, like these gosh-e-feel.

“Easter always falls quite close to the Afghan New Year, meaning it’s a doubly good time to get baking, so there is always something sweet to offer guests when they pop over for some tea, or chai. Named after the large, flappy ears of elephants, these sweets are easy to prepare.”

“My grandmother, who would often pick my brother and I up from primary school, used to save the sprinkling of the rose petals and sugar for me to do when I got home. It was the best part, because there was always some left to lick off your fingers afterwards.”




Advertising director Christina, shares her Nanna’s delicious dessert recipe that was always a hit with the family at Easter long-weekend picnics.

“It is with a heavy heart that I part with my amazing Nanna’s Easter Desert recipe.  But it’s too good not to share.”

“One thing I have to stress is that while the addition of the cheese may seem unusual, it is an important part of the balance of flavour of this dish (so please don’t leave it out).”







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