Cauliflower Cream with Roasted Sea Scallops

By Peter Gilmore

Cauliflower Cream with Roasted Sea Scallops

Cauliflower Cream with Roasted Sea Scallops. Award-winning chef Peter Gilmore of Quay Restaurant shares an entree recipe that will whet all appetites: Cauliflower cream with roasted sea scallops.

Serves 4

12 sea scallops

50 mls melted butter

Sea salt

250 gms cauliflower florets cut into small pieces

1 clove garlic

1 stickof white celery

1 eschalot

100 gms unsalted butter

500 mls fresh chicken stock

150 mls fresh pure cream

Finely dice the garlic, white celery and eschalot and sweat in 100 gms of butter.

Add the cauliflower florets and sweat for a further minute making sure the vegetable do not colour. Add the chicken stock and boil rapidly until virtually no liquid remains.

Place the contents of the pot into a 1 litre steel or plastic beaker style container.

Use the Electrolux TurboPro to blend on a medium speed then increase the speed to high and puree for 1 minute until you have achieved a very smooth puree. Season to taste with sea salt and place the puree into a clean saucepan.

Use the whisk attachment on the TurboPro to whip the fresh cream to light peaks. Fold the whipped cream through the cauliflower puree and gently reheat in the saucepan.

Heat a non-stick frypan on high, brush the sea scallops with melted butter and season with sea scallops. Pan fry the sea scallops for 1 minute on each side then drain on absorbent paper.

Remove the cauliflower cream from the heat and process the cream once more with the Electrolux TurboPro. This will aerate your cauliflower cream even further.

To Serve: Pour an equal amount of cauliflower cream in each serving bowl and top with 3 sea scallops. Serve immediately.


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