Stuart Rogan’s BBQ Beef Fillet with Nahm Jim and Toasted Rice

Stuart Rogan's BBQ Beef Fillet with Nahm Jim and Toasted Rice

Stuart Rogan’s BBQ Beef Fillet with Nahm Jim and Toasted Rice. Get to know the chefs who will be helping MiNDFOOD raise money for childhood cancer research – and learn a few chef secrets on the way. 

Stuart has been with Good Group Hospitality since 2012 in his role as Group Executive Chef. He is responsible for the managing the menus at Botswana Butchery in Auckland and Queenstown, Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill and White + Wong’s restaurant.
Classically trained in England, Stuart has been living and working in New Zealand since 1999. He is passionate about all aspects of cooking and the restaurant business. He considers the art of cooking an on-going learning experience and is extremely committed to his trade.

In February 2016 Stuart won Silver Fern Farms Premier Master of Fine Cuisine for his dish of Reserve beef eye fillet, braised short rib with parsley, mustard and horseradish crust, carrot puree, asparagus, whipped garlic with cep jus. Head judge Kerry Tyack described Rogan’s dish as ‘consistent and faultless’.

Join us on Friday, November 4, from 10am-4pm and visit 10 stunning Auckland  homes decorated in creative Christmas themes while enjoying delicious food 
prepared by award-winning celebrity chefs – such as Stuart. Get tickets here. 

MiNDFOOD is proud to partner with The World Child Cancer Charitable Trust (WCCCT) to raise awareness for children with cancer in the South Pacific. Prior to 2006 only 50 percent of children with cancer in Tonga, Fiji and Samoa were being diagnosed annually, the survival rate was zero.

Barbecue Silverfern Farms Reserved Beef Eye Fillet w Nahm Jim, Coriander, Mint & Toasted Rice


500gm Piece of Reserved beef eye fillet
50gm Coriander
50gm Mint
100gm Black rice
4 x Large dried red chillies
5 x Small dried red chillies
2ea Banana shallots
6ea cloves of garlic
3 x Birds eye chillies
150gm Palm sugar
4ea Coriander roots
500ml Lemon juice

Have your barbecue nice and hot and ready to go.

Meanwhile prep your beef fillet, make sure the beef fillet has been cleaned and that there is not silver skin on it.

Cut the beef fillet into 80gm pieces and set aside ready to be barbecued.

To make the Nahm Jim place 1 cup of canola oil in a small shallow pot and heat to 170 degrees.

Drop the small and large red chillies into the hot oil and quickly fry for about 30 seconds, don’t let the chillies go black in colour.

Scoop out the chillies with a slotted spoon and place onto paper towel to cool. Turn the pot of oil off.

Peel the shallots and garlic, roughly chop and place into a dry hot pan, you want to blacken the outsides of the shallots and garlic.

Once there is a blackesh skin on the outsides remove from pan and leave to cool.

When everything has cooled down make a paste. Place the fried dried chillies, shallots, garlic, birds eye chillies, coriander roots and grated palm sugar into a blender, proceed to blend until a smooth paste has formed.

Slowly add lemon juice to your required taste. You should end up with a red paste that has a balanced taste of heat, sweet & sour.

Pick the coriander and mint leafs and place into a bowl. In a dry hot pan toast off the black rice for about 5 minutes, toss the rice every few seconds as not to burn.

Once the rice is nicely toasted transfer to a tray and let cool.

Place some cooled rice into a mortar and pestle and pound to a fine powder.

Gently coat the beef fillet medallions with some oil and place onto the barbecue, grill each side for 1-2 minutes depending on thickness. Once the beef is cooked place onto serving dish and dress with Nham Jim, coriander and mint, sprinkle with toasted rice powder.

Chefs Tip

You boost up the coriander and mint into more of a salad by adding bean sprouts, finely sliced red and green cabbage and sliced spring onion.

Also make sure your beef fillet has come up to room temperature before grilling, you want the beef to be pink in the middle when serving.


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