Terracycle launches in Australia

Launching this month in Australia, TerraCycle, which has partnered with brands like Colgate, Natures Organics and Nespresso, will help Aussies turn previously unrecyclable waste into affordable, sustainable consumer products and materials.

Now everyone will be able to take part in recycling “brigades”.  The company is also partnering with Clean Up Australia Day. While the environmental initiative helps keep our nation beautiful, much of the rubbish we pick up ends up in landfill. Anna Mins, General Manager for Terracyle Aus & NZ, explains how Terracycle hopes to change this and a novel new idea for recycling cigarette butts that will revolutionise the way we think about waste.

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Go online to www.terracycle.com.au  or www.terracycle.co.nz to find out how you can get involved and discover TerraCycle’s programme to recycle cigarette butts. 

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