River Cottage Australia

Can an idea grow anywhere?

Fifteen years ago, Englishman Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, embarked on an experiment in sustainability and self-sufficiency. He moved to a cottage on a small land-holding in Dorset and set about learning how to grow his own produce, raise livestock and become part of community where sharing not only knowledge, but the fruits of farm labour, were an important part of life. The resulting TV series, Escape to River Cottage – and more than a dozen series since – has served as an inspiration to the aspirations of viewers who want to embrace a simpler, healthier life.

Now, Hugh is ready to take that experiment in downshifting and the message of sustainability down under, passing on the River Cottage baton to his Australian counterpart, former Tasmanian chef Paul West. Set to air this month on FOXTEL’s Lifestyle channel the eight-part-series will see Hugh and Paul face new challenges and meet uniquely Australian characters as they attempt to set up the first river cottage outside of the UK.

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